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Created by chefs and partners Elizabeth Heitner & Nestor Silva, Malli is a Mexican inspired Jewish pop up in Los Angeles, that pays homage to their roots and their love.

Malli is an unexpected yet beautiful marriage of two cultures in the kitchen. The romance between Jewish & Mexican traditions passed down by generations before them. Two tales coming together. 

                 It is a tribute to Elizabeth's grandmother, Malli.


our story

Elizabeth Heitner is a New York City born chef currently based in Los Angeles.  Being raised in a city that is rich in culinary diversity, she discovered her passion for food at an early age. After moving to Los Angeles, she landed her first job in a professional kitchen at the renowned Lucques restaurant under Suzanne Goin. It was in that kitchen where she fell in love with Nestor Silva, her chef at the time. Mexican flavors filled their home as she learned about his heritage through food. After leaving Lucques, Elizabeth began popping up at restaurants around LA cooking the nostalgic Jewish food from her past as well as the Mexican dishes Nestor grew up eating. It is a representation of their bond, her Jewish heritage, and an homage to the many dinners shared with his family.

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Nestor Silva is a native Angelino from the small suburb of Cudahy. His mother, of Mexican decent, and his father, of Argentine decent, exposed him to the complex Latin flavors he has grown to love through the home cooked meals he grew up eating. After studying literature at UC Santa Cruz, Nestor found his calling in professional kitchens, working in esteemed restaurants such as Lucques, and Rustic Canyon.  Buying local, sustainable & seasonal ingredients from California farmers has always been of upmost importance to him, and he has brought this ethos to the pop up. Nestor's true passion for vegetables shines through in the Malli menu. 

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